The scheduled workshops for the skillshare will begin on Friday morning so we would encourage you to come on Thursday (25/08/11) if you wish to make the most of the all the workshops that will be on offer. However, don’t panic if you cant make it for Thursday… there will be lots of opportunities to catch up on anything that you feel to have missed out on.

Despite being called an “outdoor skillshare”, the skills and experiences that we hope to share and develop amongst participants of the event are applicable to any number of situations and environments. We would encourage anyone with an interests in challenging themselves and their own abilities to come along and see what you can learn.

The pre-organisers have much collective experience of outdoor life and so the skillshare is based around this theme. We feel that skills which encourage us to live more comfortably outside of an urban environment are becoming less prevalent in our ever urbanised societies. Becoming more connected with the land and appreciating what our culture is doing to not-yet-concrete spaces is part of what we hope to achieve by having the skillshare “outdoors”.

In order to make this skillshare as useful as possible we want to focus not only on the skills but also how they can be passed on to others in an empowering, participatory and safe way. We will be thinking about this throughout the weekend and attempting to document the event with such goals in mind.

This is a draft programme:

As well as workshops there will be continuous skillshares and projects running throughout the event, such as fixing up 10 bicycles to donate to Unity in the Community (Glasgow-based asylum seeker support), banner and zine making, spaces for other campaigns to share info, eviction games and fun with walk-ways and tripods, continuous wood chopping and much more. We will also be hearing stories and sharing experiences from international coal struggles, from Colombia to Germany and Appalachia to Australia.