Some useful resources and places to go for all things outdoor skill related.

Training and Resources

Facilitating Participatory Workshops – A great online resource for all facilitators.

Sail Boat Project – Kayak Training.

Scottish Activist Legal Project – Non profit legal information collective.

Disco Daves Tunnel Guide – A pretty indepth guide to tunnelling with some 90s protest photos thrown in for good measure.

Schnews DIY Guide – A whole page of how-to guides from Schnews.

The Animated Knots Guide – A great website with loads of knots for you to learn.

Seeds For Change – Training and Resources.

Activist Security – Some good information written by UK activists on practical activist security.

DIY Edinburgh – Workshops, skillshares and community projects in and around Edinburgh.

Tripod – Training for creative social action.

News and Information

Coal Action Scotland – News, views and actions from communities and campaigns against new coal.

Earth First UK – Direct Action reports from throughout the UK.

Indymedia UK – Alternative media coverage of important social and political issues throughout the UK.

Eco Action – Ecological Direct Action.

Indymedia Scotland – Alt. media coverage througout Scotland.

Coal Action Network – A great resource for maps of coal infastructure in the UK.

Protest Sites and Campaigns

Talamh Housing Cooperative -The location for the skillshare and a great place for wwoofing.

Bilston Glen – An anti bypass protest site on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Titnore Woods – Fighting Tesco and housing development destroying ancient woodland since May 2006.

Defend Huntington Lane – A protest site fighting against a proposed UK Coal opencast in Shropshire.

Rossport Solidarity Camp – Supporting Shell to Sea in resisting the Corrib gas pipeline and refinery.

Saving Iceland – Campaigning against heavy industry in Iceland.