Hi everyone,

As part of our effort to effectively document and record what went on at
The Outdoor Skillshare 2011, we are putting together a zine (otherwise
known as a mini magazine or booklet) containing people’s ideas and

We already have a few contributions to the zine that people did during the
event, but we want more! Specifically, we’d like to have something from
YOU, be it written, drawn, or stuck together with glue.

Contributions to the zine can be anything – pictures, thoughts, feelings,
diagrams, workshop accounts, factual explanations, big or small. We also
welcome contributions in any language. The sky’s the limit!

The last day for submissions is 30th of September (just over 2 weeks away)
So get them either to outdoorskillshare [at] riseup.net or contact[at] coalactionscotland.org.ukĀ  as soon as you can :)

Need more inspiration?

…We do have a specific request to help give focus (if you need it.) We
are especially interested in hearing more about the many workshops that
took place, as we don’t have much information/descriptions on those.

So, if you facilitated or participiated in a workshop at TOSS we’d love it
if you could tell us;

- Why did you decide to facilitate/particpate in that specific workshop(s)?
- What was the workshop like? Did it turn out how you expected?
- Would you facilitate/attend a workshop on the same theme again, or would
you do something different?

Thanks for you contributions!

Love, TOSS Zine Crew